Band: Adele

Location: Lanxess Arena, Cologne
Date: 05/15/2016

It took British singer and megastar ADELE four years to make another album and to tour. “21“ was released back in 2011 and established the London based singer as one of the biggest music stars of all time. Her new record “25“ was and still is one hell of a megaseller as well. She sold in one week worldwide more records than other mid-sized artists might sell in a 20 year long career. ADELE said she doesn‘t like big arenas. Her last tour took her to Cologne‘s Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, with a capacity of about 1.000 people. Now she does play arenas. Two nights in each German city. Each concert sold out its 15.000 tickets.

There is no support band, a few minutes past eight p.m., ADELE enters the second stage in the back of the hall. It‘s a small one, where she appears from below the ground by a lift. ‘Hello‘ is the opening track for the evening. The sound is perfect, her voice also. There‘s not much that could go wrong with such a perfectly coordinated performance. The sold out Lanxess Arena sings and claps along to the sad tunes of the British artist. The setlist is a good mix of the last two records. It is hardly impossible to be not familiar with one of the songs. She plays all of her hit singles. Even ‘Chasing Pavements‘ and ‘Hometown Glory‘ from the debut “19“.

Between the songs, ADELE seems to enjoy chatting to the crowd. She tells about her motherhood and how her child changed her life, she talks about her life as a modern pop star and silly stuff like spicy German sausages. It‘s hard to not like her. Even though she sells millions of records, she still seems to be the girl from next door, that wants to entertain herself during shows. She admits that much of the agenda is the same every night, but these small talks really make a difference. After two hours ADELE ends her show with the smash hit ‘Rolling In The Deep‘, clearly her best song.

Sebastian Berning

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