Obituary by Deathcrusher Tour in CologneFlorida death metal pioneers OBITUARY is what I was looking forward to the most. The group‘s first four albums should be part of every good metal record collection. The instrumental ‘Redneck Stomp‘ opens the band‘s set. The setlist is a solid mix of the band‘s first three records, “Frozen In Time“ and their most recent offering “Inked In Blood“. It is obvious that the crowd thirsts for the old stuff like stomping death metal tunes such as ‘Intoxicated‘ or ‘Don‘t Care‘. OBITUARY is tight. The mid-tempo songs sound perfect as well as singer John Tardy, who still sounds like back in the early 90‘s and even looks alike. For 40 minutes the Florida death legends raise hell and wreck some necks in the front rows. The classic ‘Slowly We Rot‘ ends a great set, so far the best of the night.

But headliners CARCASS of the Deathcrusher Tour in Cologne are even better. The stage is decorated in white, which looks pretty good and different from other extreme metal bands. The British four-piece enters the stage and begins a great set with ‘Unfit For Human Consumption‘ from their most recent output “Surgical Steel“. The sound is great, the light show impressive, even though they mostly use green or blue lights, which look amazing on the white stage and the setlist is all killer, no filler.

Especially the songs taken from the band‘s masterpiece “Heartwork“ are the obvious favourites among the fans, but the new tracks are also worth noting. They can hold up to the high standard of the CARCASS‘ old material. The whole performance shows why the British band was one of the best death metal acts back in the 90s. Even now, almost 20 years are disbanding they are still a driving force in metal.

For almost 70 minutes CARCASS blast their melodic death metal through the venue. ‘Heartwork‘, which features some of the best leadguitars in this genre, and ‘Mount of Execution‘ bring a great performance to an end of Deathcrusher Tour in Cologne.

Text und Foto by Sebastian Berning

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