After a break ALCEST hit the stage. Their setup is kind of uncommon: the drum kit is positioned in the right corner and in the middle, when usually the drums are placed, is Neige‘s amp. ‘Opale‘, the lead single of their most recent output “Shelter“, opens the band‘s set. The sound is as good as the support‘s, but Neige‘s vocals are a bit too quiet during the first song.

Lantlôs im Turock, Essen am 9.9.15The band plays a good mixture of their four records: three songs taken from each of their last three records, two tracks from their debut “Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde“, but none of their black metal ep “Le Secret“. For those who want to hear some of the heavier spectrum of ALCEST at least ‘Percées de lumière‘ should be a treat. Even if you don‘t like the black metal side of the French band, you still should consider this as one of ALCEST‘s best tracks.

The encore consists of ‘Autre Temps‘ and ‘Deliverance‘. After a 90 minute show ALCEST leave the stage. Even though the whole evening there was no real performance or other actions on stage, it was an evening of great music, which surely didn‘t need any outrageous performances. Even though ALCEST did a great show, I think LANTLÔS might have managed to top that.

Text und Foto by Sebastian Berning

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