Then ALT-J hit the stage. The four musicians take their positions and won‘t leave those for the next 80 minutes. During the band‘s ‘Intro‘ the light show is minimalistic, but then it explodes. The light- and visual animations on the back of the stage are fantastic. The members of the band don‘t have to move, the centre of attention is clearly behind them and not the artists themselves. The effects during ‘Dissolve Me‘ are stellar and clearly a highlight of the group‘s performance.

ALT-J und Hundred am 19.11.2015 Mitzubishi Electric Hall in DüsseldorfThe set itself is close to the one of their spring tour. The animations and the setlist don‘t differ too much from the first European leg of the “This Is All Yours“ tour. But that‘s okay, because you can enjoy the same show a second time without getting the feeling you‘ve wasted your time by seeing something you‘ve seen before.

‘Taro‘ ends the 80 minute long set. Next time ALT-J return they should book smaller venues again, even though those are still bigger than the venues that most other bands have to play. And they should update their show a little bit, but nevertheless this gig was really really good.

Text und Foto by Sebastian Berning

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