Then DEAFHEAVEN hit the stage. The light is dimmed to a nice orange, that embraces all of the stage, bells are ringing and the band kicks in with ‘Brought of the Water‘, the opener of “New Bermuda“. The sound is great and crystal clear, you can also hear some details, that you haven‘t heard on the record yet. Vocalist George Clarke kills it with his screams. I was afraid his voice might sound too thin live and couldn‘t keep up with the pressure coming from the guitars and drums, but Clarke sounds perfect! Also, he is the centre of attention. While the musicians are standing still, he is moving. He headbangs, he kind of dances, he comes close to the crowd.

The setlist consists of “New Bermuda“ played front to back. It‘s hard to highlight any particular song, because every track gets the same euphoric response from the 600 attendees. But the encore, ‘Dream House‘ taken from “Sunbather“, is clearly the highlight for most people. For more than 60 minutes DEAFHEAVEN deliver on hell of a good metal show. I have seen only a few that‘ve been better. Great metal-evening!

Sebastian Berning