Ghost und Dead Soul am 5.11.2015 Live Music Hall in KölnThe setlist consists mostly of tracks from the last two studio records. I think they could have included one or two songs more from their debut, but this is the only thing you could possibly complain about. The show is perfect. The use of fog and light is perfect, the sound is good, Papa Emeritus is one hell of a great entertainer and far more funny that he appears on the promo shots of the band. After half of the set he also strips down from his robe and appears on stage in a suit like the other members of his band. Somehow he looks like a young King Diamond in the 18th century.

After ‘If You Have Ghost‘ the band leaves the stage, but re-appears are few moments later for the encore of this so far brilliant set. ‘Monstrance Clock‘ is the usually song to end every GHOST concert and it is as well today. For 80 minutes the occult rockers entertained its audience and there was not a single second of this gig that did not satisfy the 1200 fans in Cologne!

Text und Foto by Sebastian Berning

German Version