Bands: Taking Back Sunday with Frank Iero and the Patience

Location: Gloria Theater, Köln
Date: 20.02.2017

Finally, TAKING BACK SUNDAY moved up one venue size. After years of playing at the Luxor the band plays a concert hall almost as twice as big: the cool and stylish Gloria right in the centre of Cologne. This band is back on track again, even though most people only attend to listen to the classics.

Ex-MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE-guitarist Frank Iero is the support act of the evening. With his new band FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE he gets to play a 40 minute support slot. The music isn’t as good as the emo/rock anthems his former band delivered. The new stuff is more punk-ish and poppy, yet not pop punk. Surprisingly, there are a lot of young people in the audience, those folks seem to be really into FRANK IERO AND THE PATIENCE, the rest of the crowd also enjoys the show. Still, I preferred Iero in MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, still hoping for a reunion.

Then TAKING BACK SUNDAY enter the stage. They kick in with ‘Death Wolf‘, the opening song of their new record „Tidal Waves”. It’s pretty obvious that most people are only into the first three records the emo rockers have put out. If you listen to the discussions of the crowd, most really
dig the first three LPs, about „New Again” and „Taking Back Sunday” no body says a word and then many people don’t know what to think about the mature records „Happiness Is…” and „Tidal Waves”.

But the setlist is a great mix of the first three and the last two albums. TAKING BACK SUNDAY plays a 18 song strong set, that includes classics like „You Know How I Do”, „Timberwolves at New Jersey”, „A Decade Under The Influence” or „What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost”. But every attendee has to admit, that tunes such as „Better Homes and Gardens” or „Call Come Runnig” are quite perfect. It’s not the youthful emo-heartbreak-song, which this band got big for, but it’s a mature version of TAKING BACK SUNDAY.

For about 75 minutes these dudes put on a good show. As usual singer Adam Lazzara is the centre of the attention, even though he sounds a little sick. But the band is tight as usual, the setlist is great (even though „Set Phasers To Stun” is missing, and songs taken from „New Again” and „Taking Back Sunday”) and the sound is clear. Even though this isn’t the best show of the band that I’ve seen, it is still a better rock show than most other bands put on. After the definite emo anthem „Cute Without The ‘E‘ (Cut From The Team)” the band says goodbye and promise a quick return.

Sebastian Berning

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