After a 30 minutes break and a four minute (!) long siren-intro, finally THE USED hit the stage. Of course they open the set with ‘Maybe Memories’. The sound is quite perfect and vocalist Bert McCracken’s voice sounds great. Far better than the last time I’ve seen the emo-rockers back in 2007.

Today’s setlist is no surprise at all. The group plays its debut record from front to back. Though it is surprising, they even include the hidden track ‘Choke Me’ as the encore of the evening. THE USED stretches the 44-minute record up to 75 minutes stage time. Due to long speeches in-between songs. Of course most of the crowd is eager to hear ‘The Taste of Ink’, ‘A Box Full of Sharp Objects’ and the ballad ‘Blue and Yellow’. On a personal note, I always loved ‘Bulimic’, so it’s nice to finally hear that tune live.

Even though the first evening in the Bürgerhaus Stollwerck was really good, I’m confident that night number two will top that easily.

Text Sebastian Berning

German Version