Today McCracken‘s speeches in-between the songs are far shorter than yesterday, which is nice, because the show gets more of a live feeling and differs from yesterday‘s song-speech-song-rhythm. The track ‘Listening‘ is even dedicated to the writer of these lines, even though no Spanish was spoken during the entire interview! Still this is my personal favorite from THE USED‘s back catalogue.

‘I‘m A Fake‘ ends the set. The crowd recites the spoken word intro in a nearly religious manner. The song itself is also welcomed with open arms. Then the band leaves the stage, but they return for an encore. This time it is no hidden track (for there is none) or a b-side of one of the “In Love and Death“ singles. It is ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward‘, taken from the group‘s follow-up “Lies For The Liars“.

Both evenings were very good, especially the second. But it would have been great, if there was less talk and more songs. The encore could have consisted of a few more tracks from the other releases by the group – for they don‘t come that often to Europe.

Text Sebastian Berning

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